Sunday, December 03, 2006

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

And Stuff: I am Schindler's List

Sunday, July 09, 2006

And stuff: Wet Pookie

Here's some pics of Vegas a.k.a. "Pookie" after trying to catch the water coming out of the hose. Unfortunately, I missed getting shots of her chasing the water.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Books: The DaVinci Code

It took me awhile, but I finally got around to reading Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code. I wanted to read it before the film came out, because the likelihood of me reading a book after seeing the movie is next to nil.

The story is most certainly an interesting page-turner. However, Mr. Brown is a little ham-handed in dangling his carrots. (Sorry, just some metaphors left over from Easter dinner.) He must have learned his technique from watching Ryan Seacrest on American Idol. It seems as if he might reveal something, but knowing that the show/book is far from over and you know there is no way he is going to reveal the winner/secret.

Brown is also not adept at characterization or writing dialogue. Much of the verbal exchanges were awkward, even painful. If I were not so interested in the story, I would have bailed out in the first quarter of the book.

I hope they do a good job on the movie – punch up the dialogue, bring some life to these characters. If they do, there will be absolutely no reason to waste your time reading the book.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

TV: American Idol

Tuesday/Wednesday on FOX (times vary)

I skipped last season of American Idol, but I'm back this year and I think it's the best season ever. (Even though I missed last year, I heard it wasn't that great.)

Chris Daughtry is, hands down, the best vocalist / performer in a very talented bunch. His rendition of 'I Walk the Line' was just incredible. When they said he was going to do the Johnny Cash song, I thought, "Oh, no. Big mistake. There's not much range in the song – it has a very repetitive rhythm – horrible song choice." I was never so rewarded for being wrong in my life. Generally, I like my songs the way I'm used to them – the way they were originally recorded and made popular. I would buy a recording of Daughtry's 'Walk the Line' today, if it were available. Whether or not he wins the competition, this guy has a big future in the music business.

I really like Taylor Hicks, though his song choice was terrible last night.

I don't think Bucky Covington is very good and I'm not as impressed with Elliot Yamin as the judges are.

Ace Young had one of his best nights last night, but I still don't think the pretty-boy can compete with the juggernaut that is Chris.

Kevin Covais showed a lot of improvement last night, but I still think he's GOT to go. He might do well in musical theater, but not as a pop artist.

Mandisa has the best pipes among the girls, but Paris Bennett and Katherine McPhee are really good, too.

I like Kelly Pickler (who doesn't?) but she is stuck in her country niche and doesn't look too comfortable moving around the stage.

Lisa Tucker has an AMAZING voice, but doesn't appear too confident/comfortable with contemporary pop.

Whoever is left standing after tonight's elimination, will be doing the American Idol tour. I really don't want to see Kevin in concert. I'll just wait for Chicken Little: The Musical.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Movies/Television: The 78th Annual Academy Awards

I watched the Oscars last night. I thought John Stewart was great. I LMAO! But based on the audiences response (or lack of response) to him and the fact that many of the targets of his humor were the very telecast that he was presiding over, I didn't think that "the Industry" or the Academy would feel the same way. I was happy to find that the critics all had great things to say about him in the newspaper and online and nothing I read was negative. I hope we see him host again.

I was very pleasantly surprised that Crash won Best Picture. I did not see all of the nominees – in fact, the only other one I saw was Brokeback Mountain. I found Crash to be the better of those two films. I don’t see how it would have been possible for any film to win best original screenplay other than Crash.

As I said, I did not see many of the nominees, only Crash, Brokeback, North Country, Cinderella Man, Junebug, & Walk the Line.

I am interested in seeing Capote and Transamerica (I love Felicity Huffman).

Random thought: what was up with that HUGE bow on Charlize Theron’s shoulder?

I could have done without the film noir and bio-pic montages, but the gay cowboy montage was hilarious.

Possibly the best line of the night: “I think it just got a little bit easier to be a pimp out here.”

Thursday, February 02, 2006

...and Stuff: Family

Wanted to post this closer to the holidays, but here it is now. Clockwise, that's Mary, me, Lady and Vegas .

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Television: Tonight on TiVo

Smallville from tonight - James Marster's character comes into play more. For the life of me, I can't seem to remember that much about Brainiac from the comics. What his origins or powers were. I want to find out so I can compare with what they are doing with him on this show. (I hear they're spinning off Aquaman, who appeared a couple episodes ago, into his own series. It'll be interesting to see if they can do anything with it.)

Bones from Tuesday - this is an okay crime procedural. Not a must see, but my wife likes it. In this episode they try to explain why we react differently, more emotionally when a child dies/is killed. Apparently it's our maternal instincts. To me, one life should not be valued any higher than another, but that would be a long debate for another blog.

What would be a good term for a TV show that would be the equivalent of a "Chick Flick". Anyone care to take a stab at coining a term? Put it in the comments and we'll see what sticks.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

TV: What I'm Watching

On TiVo tonight:

King of Queens from Monday - Not one of the show's better episodes. Doug and Carrie go away for the weekend. Haven't we seen this before?

West Wing - the live debate episode from Sunday - great idea, televise a live debate as... a live debate. Unfortunately, not as riveting as a regular episode. Even a little boring. Still, a daring attempt.

Veronica Mars from tonight - good episode. Neat to see Joss Whedon as the rental car clerk. Missed Charisma Carpenter and her bikini. Hope to see more of her (wink, wink) in future episodes. I hear that there will be an episode with Charisma and Allyson Hannigan. Maybe they'll rent a car from Joss. :)